"Textile Academy is a trans-disciplinary course that focuses on the development of new technologies applied in the textile industry. The academy offers a cross-disciplinary education and research platform, where production and culture through advanced technologies are making impact in the way we think and act towards the textile industry and all of its application fields. Working locally, while creating connected communities globally. "We are not waiting for things to change, we are changing them from the ground up."

A wearable tech jacket based on Leah Buechley's turning signal jacket, made from a upcycled windbreaker, upcycled silk tape insulation, a lilypad, photoresistor and 10 LEDs. Textile buttons on left and right sleeve cuffs can be pressed to trigger a row of blinking LEDs on the corresponding shoulder seam - indicating a left or right turn. A photo-resistor at the front of the jacket detects when the lights are needed, the jacket will only light up at night. Hand drawn foliage is digitally embroidered at electronic component connection sites and also functions to affix and secure components to the garment. 

A textile-based representation of a human lung based on sliced medical (DICOM) images, digitally embroidered in silk thread. Silk threads were dyed using a locally sourced natural dye called 'Ceriops' (sourced from a local mangrove forest) and were mordanted using the alum-rich leaves of the Symplocos plant. 
Soft speakers embroidered with conductive and metallic thread on digitally printed upcycled men's shirts

Parametric weave necklace. Computational design weave applied to 3d scanned draped textile, 3d printed in PLA with recycled tussah silk threads. 

A zero-waste top constructed from a single un-cut rectangular piece of silk chiffon. The piece is dyed with a local strain of lichen which requires no mordant. The garment form was developed through zero waste draping and was refined by modelling in 3d design software. Eyelets and fray checking at the panel perimeter are machine embroidered with lichen-dyed silk thread. The garment can be laced and deconstructed by hand.
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